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Holistic Games International Transpersonal Center
Welcome to Holistic Games- mystery of personal development in beauty, pleasure and mindfullesness.
Добро пожаловать в Трансперсональныи центр и холистическии интернет-клуб Русскои Америки. Клуб охватывает интерсы практическои психологии, холистического здоровья, духовных практик, экзистенциальные вопросы, измененные состояния сознания, альтернативную культуру и мн. др.
Transpersonal Club is international community of people whose interests are around

Psychology&therapy- Emotional Balance, Healthy Relationships, Balansed lifestile
Holistic Health
Spiritual practices and existential questions
Self improvement
Financial freedom and social success
Alternative& challenging lifestiles, independent thinking, nonmainstreem culture


Breathworks- Holtropic, Rebirthing, Breath Therapy
Body Centred Therapies & Holistic Massage


Body Tuning Therapy and Breathwork.
This method of bodywork is a remarkable holistic body therapy that balances and integrates all the physical and energetic systems; it is incredibly powerful, yet amazingly gentle, offers an extraordinary opportunity for "going deep and getting high”
Let go tension and pain , recover from distress.

Easy to learn and incorporate in various treatment approaches.
Combines Biosynthesis, Bioenergetic Therapy elements, Body Centered Thanatotherapy, Breath Therapy and Daos Yoga.

Rebirthing evening.

Breath, enjoy, rejuvenate, explore your unique path to your happiness. Follow your bliss toward your dreams. Mastery of breath and work with thoughts for health, Pleasure and ability to an owner of your destiny. Self exploration, therapy, coaching. Healing has never been so much FUN.

Urban Shaman. Dreams to change reality.
Ethnocultrul methods of psychological help ( It has nothing to do with magic)
In modern pragmatic world we can utilize ancient wisdom which was saved by so-called primitive ethnic cultures and continues manifesting itself in modern cultures. Ethnic understanding of world around us, shamanic myth, work with inner sources of power and wisdom, dreamwork, vision quest, soul retrieval - all those practices proven to be effective tools of healing, self exploration and achieving practical goals.

There is also weekly Bodywork Relax Club.
It will be 1-2 Bodywork and/or Breathwork group activities with emphasis on integration through relaxation, grounding emotional energy and letting go unneeded tension.
Modern method of bodywork and Body-centered Psychotherapy.
Gentle and at the same time deep work with body awakes healing potential of body and soul. Quality of touch and communication correspond with principles of hypnotic induction in approach of Milton Erickson which allows client to dive into alternative states of consciousness naturally and easily for emotional alignment, in search of resource for healing pain or finding resolution for problems. Also this approach is effective with specific problems and difficulties as addressed by clients. Specific benefit of Hypnomassage is that treatment is usually pleasant and comfortable- pleasure and joy are natural healers.

Free Community meetings and Presentation workshops:
Opportunity to meet with interesting people ask questions about activities in the Center, see and experience presented methods.

Biofeedback technologies for professionals and general public.
You can test what is your ability to regulate your vegetative nervous system- relax or energize yourself when you need it. Video presentation with Deepak Chopra. Biofeedback helps children an adults in improving emotional control skills, self exploration, excelling performance, sharpening spiritual practice etc. Used for children and teens with emotional and behavioral difficulties as a game it holds their interest and talks on their language.
Those technologies can be used at home. You will have chance to try them on yourself and buy one (excellent price)
Past events:

Cape Code Workshop with Andrey Fleshel
"Free Breathing"
Андрей Флешель
Семинары по современным дыхательным психотехникам.
Cape Cod, MA
Свободное Дыхание:
Ребефинг, Ваивэишн,Терапия Дыханием, Холотропхое Дыхание.
Программа расчитана на два семинара по 3 дня(Пт.-Вс.) и самостоятельную работу между семинарами. В ходе двух 3-х дневных семинаров участники смогут научится основам техник свободного дыхания необходимым для самостоятельнои практики.
Гипнотическая очаровывающая атмосфера Кеип Код, вдали от суеты города под шум океана вы сможете погрузится в свои удивительныи волшебныи внутреннии мир. Один вечер и два полных дня наедине с собои, исследуя неизведанное, освобождаясь от ненужного груза напряжении и боли, обид и страхов, иногда, даже не осознавая этого, мы делаем еще один шаг к счастью, свободе, к...(слово Вам)

Seminar with Andrei Fleshel “Breathing Techniques & Body Therapy”"ph
International conference of psychotherapy Money and Soul- Andrei''s mastery workshop

Worshops are facilitated by
Andrei Fleshel, MA, Psychotherapist, NLP practitioner, certified coach, hypnotherapist, bodyworker, breathwork practitioner.

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